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Courage and Hope


I see the rain pour

Down the pine trees

That helped it to grow.

The light disappeared

And wonders when

It is going to shine again.

Our lives are so hard

When we are fighting

For it, but we can

See the light with

The dark beauty

That holds the

Path that can

Alter our courage

And our good will.

We should never

Give up our hope

In the lighthouse

To lead us there

To show the calmness

Of the sea.

We recover when

We see the light.

Nervous Energy

Singing karaoke for the first time was such a thrill. I was debating to either to sing or not sing Fireflies and with having Asperger’s Syndrome I would rather sit and listen to people sing. I got up the courage to sing my little heart out. I started to sing and the mic was not turned on. I gave it a go with the mic on and I started to sing. I remember while I was singing, my legs begin to shake but I kept singing out my heart. I remember when Adam was saying about having the “nervous energy” for performing. Once I started to sing, it was an adrenaline rush just sing one of my favorite Owl City my favorite songs. Now, I finally understands about the “nervous energy” and how exciting it is just sing your heart out. I told the girl I normally don’t do that and she said I should karaoke on Fridays at this local restaurant. Now when I look back, I should sing more and have fun singing! Thank you Adam for being an example of a guy with Asperger’s who is willing to sing his heart with his songs he has written. That is my thought of the night, God Bless, and have a nice day!  

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