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    Owl City's Synth Line Match-Up

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One thing I’ve been noticing is that sometimes, Owl City’s synth lines can easily mashup with each other.  Here’s one example I’ve just discovered.  The intro to Cave In (off of the album Ocean Eyes) can be matched up pretty well with the beat drop in Wolf Bite (off of the EP Ultraviolet).  I’d figured I’d share this one with the fandom!

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My Theory of the Rumor

With the rumor swirling around about Adam not being single, I have a theory. He is single and here are the reasons why:

  1. He is focused on his relationship in Christ. With the recent song that he sneaked out about a week ago and the maturity of his recent music, he wants to be able to be focus on his relationship in Christ. 
  2. He is focused on his music. He is so busy doing his craft, he might not have the time to even go out on a date. 
  3. He even said so himself. On one of the Facebook chats someone asked about how he is awesome and single at the same time. “That it is not easy. Trust me.”- A.Y. 

There are people who say, “But, what about the song Up All Night?” I believe that this is the nostalgic thought of his ex-girlfriend Annmarie. He is still trying to get over the feelings of his first true love. Besides that, I believe that we should never pyre into his private life, but this is just a theory. Majority of the time, rumors are false. Rumors are what ruin friendships and even fandoms. I rather pray for Adam than to tear him down. 

That is my theory and I just want to get this off my chest. Have a blessed day for the rest of the day!

I See My Lead Dancer

With people getting engaged left and right, I am left here as a single girl with a blanket to cuddle with and the Owl City fandom right behind me. I have been a relationship with Jesus since I was seven and I would never change that for the world. He is the best and everything I could ask for and more. I have been feeling kind of lonely and wondering if I would ever fall in love with my kind of perfect. To be honest, God has everything planned out and for me to have the best guy for me that God is tailored to me. 

Although I rather wear hoodies and stay in my bed all day, I want a guy to love me for everything. I have Asperger’s and I am very difficult person as it is. Why should I worry about having these difficulties? It is because that I am wonderfully made in God’s image. I believe that if the guy is the one, he sees me as a beautiful child of God and a beautiful woman that I was meant to be.

I might have a quiet, introverted side and I am stubborn, but if my Prince Charming sees past all this and says to me “You are beautiful and God made something so beautiful that it takes my breath away”, that would be the time I would be able to say thank you God for putting us together and being able to have a relationship that is not only in the human concept, but how You are glorified by this relationship.

As I see couple forming, engaged, them married, and expecting children, I remind myself that I am worth by the one who created me. God is my lead dancer right now, but He will bring the perfect guy to cut in and dance with me as my lead dancer. I would pray that my prince charming is just the best guy that God has planned just for me. My thought on my current thought on being single. Have a nice day.

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